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whatever... [Nov. 26th, 2004|09:18 am]


[mood |curiouscurious]

Waited all night for your call. I just want to
know if your ok! My body couldnt sleep properly
because it was intisapating your call... I just
want to know if your ok. Thats all I want.

TG day was boring. Then again I didnt really
include myself in anything because I was
afraid that someone would start to lecture
me about the things I have done and the "hell"
I am putting my mom thru. FUCK THEM. The
pumpkin pie was good though. I emurged out of
my hole for that. I havent changed out of my
pajamas for almost 2 days. I have gotten showers
but I dont feel like changing my shirt or pants.

I would like to hang out with some friends today.
Maybe call Julia and see if I could go stay with
her for the weekend. That would be nice, but I would
hate to leave Rich. I want to stay the weekend with him
but he doesnt want me getting sick or have to walk
all night when I have the option of a warm home to go
to. AAW! ^_~ I love him. I hate this house. I feel the
walls rotting around me from disfunctional family syndrom.

I checked up on my website yesterday to make sure I spelled
everyting correctly and I found that I was telling everyone
that I had a 4 year old, when really it was suppose to say
"my 4 year old sister." OOPS!!! People must have been
thinking I was a 15 year old slut when I had here. BLAH!
My website just advertises that I teach children how to
twirl. If you'd like to check it out its;

Enjoy your day...