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Well, that was interesting. My cousins ended up out lasting me the… - Twirlage [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 27th, 2004|01:01 pm]


[mood |anxiousanxious]

Well, that was interesting. My cousins ended up out lasting me the night. I was tired and I passed out. They stayed up till about 2. Maddie's puppy has been humping my left arm for the past hour or so. It wont leave my arm alone. I think the pup is slightly blind and has mistaken it as a smaller dog just like itself. But then it must be mistaking many things as that... oh well, everyone likes to get off, though my arm burns from scratches...

well, i'm gonna let Maddie type a bit in here if she'd like...
ok ya its true my horny @$$ puppy likes to hump athena...............hes jus a lil wwooooo......anyways me and athena r sitting here listening to this 1 CD and it rox.....Gabby, our cousin, and her brother left us to go see a movie w/ there friend Ruthy. So we are just sitting here all alone doing A whole GOD DAMN OF A NUTHING....my friend john litak is over the line gay and my friend Leeza Filionenko made up a poem and it goes like this:fuzzibubble909: heres a poem for brittney and jon.....
fuzzibubble909: Those who write on bathroom walls
roll their crap in little balls,
and those who read these words of wit,
eat those little balls of shit

its funny..........LETS ROCK THIS BITCH!!

Yep, thats my 13 yr old cousin for ya. So.... I dont know what i'm rambling on about...
I fell asleep with the lust for Rich in my head. I was being a very dirty girl. ^_~ So i'm going to excape from my mother's house later today to see him and lots of fun will be had. YAY!!! Alright, I'm off...

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